Along with the proper training, having the proper equipment to correctly restore your vehicle to pre- accident condition is a must.

Your vehicle will be refinished in our Downdraft-Bake Booth, just like when your vehicle was painted at the factory. This type of paint booth ensures not only a clean system to paint your car in, but a safe and environmentally friendly condition for our technicians to work in. The results will leave your vehicle with a finish that looks like new again.

The frame or unibody of a vehicle is like the foundation of your house. If it is not In the proper position or dimensions you have a problem with the whole house. The same applies to your vehicle: improper frame or unibody alignment after an accident will cause incorrect alignment of sheet metal and suspension components.

“THE BODY SHOP” utilizes two Car-O-Liner frame and unibody racks to properly return your damaged vehicle back to its factory specifications.

We utilize a computerized electronic measuring system to ensure that your vehicle Is properly returned to factory specifications. We electronically measure your vehicle before, during and after the repair. We will document those final measurements and print out a copy for your file.  This equipment along with our trained collision personnel ensures your car, van, truck or suv is as good as it was when it first left the factory.

With the introduction of high strength, ultra high strength steel, and boron in the vehicles today, proper welding is critical to the safety of your vehicle. At “THE BODY SHOP” we use a state of the art, PRESSURE RESISTANT SPOT WELDER to complete most all outer panel replacement. This type of welder not only replicates the factory look of a spot welded panel, but ensures the structural integrity of the repair. Heat is the enemy of these new high strength steels, heat generated by the old style of welding generates too high a heat level for these new metals. Many shops do not have this type of welding equipment and are not installing these type of panels correctly. If your new vehicle is in need of any high strength panel replacement be sure to ask if the shop that is repairing your vehicle has a Pressure Resistant Spot Welder for that installation.

All of our paint is mixed on our computerized mixing system from Akzo-Coatings. As we are always concerned about the environment “THE BODY SHOP” has been spraying environmentally friendly WATERBORNE paint products, for the last 3 years. These products produce superior paint match and durability on any repaired vehicle, allowing us to give a limited Lifetime Warranty on our paint repairs. You will have the piece of mind that your vehicle has been refinished with the best paint products on the market, which in turn guarantees you a flawless paint match.

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